Creatures At Play

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The Amazing follow up album ‘Let’s Play Again’
A rich tapestry of soulful vocal, passionate musicianship and collaborative artistry from Alex Adamson & Mike Walker a.k.a. Creatures At Play
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Creatures At Play

The  Power and  Passion of  Play

Recent Independent Reviews

“The production quality of “Let’s Play Again” is top-notch, reflecting a high level of professionalism. The impeccable performance by Creatures at Play further enhances the overall listening experience. It’s evident that they have poured their heart and soul into this album.
One of the most impressive aspects of the album is the consistency of quality across all the songs. Each track is solid, maintaining the high standard set by the others. If you’re looking for an album that combines sophistication with a retro twist, this is a must-listen.
Let’s Play Again is Creatures at Play’s Album Out Now”  (Noirband Review)
“The soundscapes are intuitive spreads of melody, vocals, and emotion. ‘If You Always Do’ opens the album. Its combination of fluid synths, groovy blues, and R&B silk is classic for the most part. Even the vocal inflections and delivery are vested with that old-school spirit of sincerity and simplicity. The guitar work exemplifies elegance and subtly as it ebbs and flows through sonic frames. 
‘Home’ follows with yet another classic design. Introduced by sweeping violin melodies and earnest vocals, it depicts romance and love the way poets do. Between vocals, the artists create panaromic instrumental flows. It is a sphere of dreamy visuals and sound. (Apollo’s Harp review).
“The standout feature of this album is the deep and intense voice of the singer. His exceptional vocal technique not only demonstrates his skill but also brings a genuine authenticity to the lyrics. When he sings, you can’t help but believe every word, and there is an emotional connection with the audience'”
”Creatures at Play’s musical arrangements are a highlight, showcasing a well-thought-out fusion of influences from various genres and artists. They have managed to seamlessly blend these influences into a unique musical tapestry that sets them apart from the crowd.”
(Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band Review Oct 2023)

Still available for Digital Download
The first Album: Let's Play