about us

Hi there, Welcome to the living room of Creatures at Play. ‘
CAP’ being the creative partnership of Mike Walker and Alex Adamson. Take a seat and I’ll introduce you to the duo.

Mike Walker

A lifelong lover of music and the creative arts Mike picked up his unique ear and talent at a young age. Passionate about not only listening to music but also playing and creating his own original songs and albums across many ‘genres’. Honing his craft over the years, spinning straw into gold.


Another of Mike’s talents is the ability to connect with both people and emotion at depth. With his calm presence and enviable work ethic, Mike has in his own way become a ‘one stop shop’. What he doesn’t know, he’s willing to wrestle with and look to gain mastery over.
Be it an idea, a riff, a feel, a camera view, Mike has time and time again had the ability to draw the best out of both himself and other artists. Often without the other even recognising that they are an ‘artist’ or indeed have something to ‘offer’. 

Mike has, and still does connect with and encourage other local artists to play, to create and to record whatever comes from that. Honouring a part of themselves perhaps hidden, or long lost.

He truly is a Champion and an Ambassador of Creativity in self and other.

Alex Adamson

Following on from Mike being an Ambassador, an encourager of all things creative. Mike reached out to his long time friend Alex Adamson at the closing of the year 2021.

Knowing that Alex had a ‘voice’ and had at one time experimented with his voice and lyrical talent.
The invite was sent, 

“Would you fancy seeing what we could create together?”.

Discussion ensued as to what that would ‘look like’, or ‘sound like’. Coming from what Alex perceived as very different musical tastes and leanings, Alex was curious and slightly apprehensive as to how that would sound and indeed work.

The invite sent Alex’s mind off wandering “how could heavy metal Mike and I create something that I wouldn’t want to turn down, turn off..or kill?” Mike assured Alex that just like the human brain he was malleable in his taste, and that he wouldn’t force anything metallic down Alex’s throat.

Unconvinced, yet curious the playful musical connection between Alex and Mike was born. Alex let go of some of his fears, flag waving and tenacity to just ‘see what happens’ and surf whatever spoke to him and his soulful leanings. To integrate and create the past into the present.

The debut Album ‘Let’s Play’ 6 months later is the product of two friends coming together, letting go and then lifting their combined energy, styles, emotions and skills out of the well of creativity that we all essentially have within in us in a variety of forms.
We hope the Creature in you enjoys the nectar within the first bucket Alex and Mike have pulled up from the well.