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‘Let’s Play Again’

Let's Play Again - The Album in Video

Here we have the link to the New Album in playlist order but in video.

Filmed in and around the North East of England showing the beauty and majesty of the countryside & coast, interwoven with the powerful and soulful musical partnership that is Creatures At Play.


Filmed on the stark North Yorkshire Jurassic coastline. Aiming for and capturing the mood to fit the music. Inspired by somebody and anybody in particular, needing to be reminded of their resilience and subsequent brilliance. More power to you!! Shine on!!!

Make Believe

Just as we tend to assume that the world is as we see it, we naively suppose that people are as we imagine them to be” Carl Jung

Filmed on Cringle Moor and the Cleveland Way National trail. Mike captured the striking panorama of Middlesbrough, the Cleveland plain, Roseberry Topping and Cook’s Monument. The significance of this pick beyond the draw, is the beauty and allure often offered by the ‘other’ in relationship at the top of the climb. Which most often is not in actuality to be found. After years of climbing with the wrong partner you can look around at the mountain top and find them behind you, stuck to your back. All that glitters isn’t gold. All is not lost though. The Gold is within.


‘Ghost’ took Mike and I in search of the barren and bleak. A living purgatory landscape. Somewhere for the walking wounded to find places that resonate with their melancholy state. North Yorkshire beckoned, we answered.


In Dreams

‘In Dreams’, filmed in Whitby, is a nod to most Teessiders, being a regular favourite weekend jaunt. It’s also a spiritual place for many, from the cobbled streets and atmospheric harbour, onto the smells of fish and chips and the sounds of delighted children filling their buckets with crabs beneath the old bridge that separate the towns two halves.

The first half of filming starting at the Chapel on the Hill. A place with roots for both Mike and Alex as well as being a stronghold for their original trainer Denise Hardy formerly known as the ‘Brunswick Centre’.

The next half took on filming up the iconic steps stretching their way to the talismanic and majestic Whitby Abbey at nightfall.

‘In Dreams’ is a song of love and loss. It reminds us that death ends a life, not a relationship. That Love remains, Love lives on.

One Wish

Filmed on two locations keeping our roots tapped in deep. First off is the picturesque village of Swainby, Mike’s pick, with its rustic charm and historic 12th Century church lined with ancient yew trees and weathered headstones. Chosen for the lyrical symbiosis between audio and visual realms, ‘One Wish’ being a song of hope, and a plea for mercy set against the backdrop of myth, religion and spirituality. Secondly we take off and up to Carlton’s bank, North Yorkshire. A favourite haunt of many a Teesside thrill seeking glider and walker. A place holding fond memories for Alex of when he used to run up and down it regularly with encouragement from his sadly departed friend and boxing trainer, Middlesbrough’s own Graham O’Malley. Mike captured the striking panorama of Middlesbrough, the Cleveland plain, Roseberry Topping and Cook’s Monument, which you’ll see both on the outward leg and then – after a stiff, stepped climb – on the return section that follows the Cleveland Way National Trail across Cringle Moor. The significance of this pick beyond the views is being alongside the ancient Lord stone where Alex asks an absent deity to ‘show yourself to me’ in the hope of finding a little luck 🍀 for someone he holds near and dear. We hope you enjoy and that your wishes are met x